Project Description

Initiative: Close Indian Power Plant

Built over 40 years ago, Indian Point Nuclear Plant (or Indian Point Energy Center) owned by Entergy Corporation, is located approximately 25 miles north of New York City on the Hudson River at the intersection of the Ramapo and Stamford-to-Peekskill fault lines. Indian Point is sited in the most populous location of any U.S. nuclear plant, with 20 million people living or working within 50 miles of the plant. An accident or terrorist attack at Indian Point could kill tens of thousands, cause many more long-term cancers, and render New York City and much of the Hudson Valley uninhabitable.

Despite a series of explosion induced shutdowns and safety concerns (7 in the last 12 months), the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is considering Entergy’s application to relicense Indian Point Reactors (IP) 2 & 3 which are operating under their original 40 year licenses. Recently, Entergy admitted there are issues with missing and compromised bolts in their reactors. A 2011 Natural Resources Defense Council report found a major accident at the plant could require the evacuation or sheltering of nearly 10 million people from radiation exposure (including most city residents) and render much of NYC too radioactively contaminated to live in. New York City and the nation at large have a direct stake in ensuring that Indian Point is not relicensed and closes when its federal operating licenses expire at the end of this year.

Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of Governor Mario Cuomo, the New York State Public Service Commission, Consolidated Edison, and the New York Power Authority, Indian Point will be able to close as scheduled without compromising the reliability and affordability of the city’s power supply. The implementation of the Indian Point Reliability Contingency Plan, developed in 2013, is proceeding on schedule, and will ensure there is no risk of blackouts or electricity price spikes when Indian Point ceases operations


What You Can Do

Rock the Earth is working with several organizations including the Nuclear Information and Resource Service and Riverkeeper to stop the recertification of Entergy’s operating permits to and shut down Indian Point. You can help too:

  • Contact your City Council member and ask her or him to co-sponsor the Indian Point closure resolution (Res 0694-2015)
  • Contact Governor Cuomo and tell him that you support his efforts to shut down Indian Point.

If you’d like more information about Rock the Earth’s Education and Outreach or Legal and Technical work on closing Indian Point, feel free to contact us.