Challenged the National Park Service (NPS) in federal court over the Colorado River Management Plan when the NPS put commercial profit over environmental protection of the Grand Canyon.

Halted unsustainable drilling on 55,000 acres of public lands on Colorado’s Roan Plateau by bringing a successful lawsuit against the Bureau of Land Management in federal court.

Through a postcard campaign, convinced Wal-Mart to stop destroying sensitive Louisiana Gulf Coast cypress groves for landscape mulch.

In partnership with Jack Johnson, educated and activated thousands of concert goers to urge for protection of the Northwest Hawaiian Islands, leading to the establishment of Papahanaumokuakea National Marine Monument.

Stopped the development of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) refinery in Australia’s Kimberley region through submission of more than 1,200 letters to Chevron in collaboration with John Butler, causing Chevron to withdraw critical support.

Helped the Oglala and Lakota Sioux Tribes successfully challenge the expansion of a uranium mine in Nebraska by filing an Amicus (Friend of the Court) Brief with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Through a four-year public education and activation campaign, helped to stop a massive reservoir project that would have destroyed the Mattaponi River in Virginia.

Successfully protested a proposed power line development through and around Joshua Tree National Park in California.

Gained thousands of signatures in support of wilderness protection for the Hermosa Creek Watershed in Colorado leading to Congressional action protecting an additional 100,000 acres as wilderness.

Since 2009, Rock the Earth has collected and recycled more than 10,000 cellular telephones, keeping metals and harmful toxic chemicals out of landfills.