Task Person Status Due Date Notes
Add Authorize.net to WooCommerce Bob Done Needs to be tested
Set-up WooCommerce Member Categories Bob Done
Add artist and other images to library Bob Done
Set-up GigPress and add first show Bob Done Will edit CSS style to match final design
Create table for artist page Bob Done  n/a see notes below
Add artist images and links to artist pages RtE Staff  on hold pending category page creation
Add products to membership pages RtE Staff
Refine design theme Bob 1/21/14 Vertical menu on left site of page, similar to http://conservationco.org/  Maybe add music partners as 4th main topic.  Latest News, Tour Dates, Donate, Music Partners, and Newsletter sign-up on home page.  Everything else as part of dropdown menu on left.  Menu items: Same as now on bingrants menu, but move ABOUT to top.  About, Join, Donate, Volunteer, Projects, Latest News, Media, Tour Dates.
Set-up Category pages – Bob 1/20/14 Artists Music Partners, Projects – see MEDIA on current site. – with READ MORE option (Board, Advisory Board, Staff, Vol Staff)  Send to James as developed.
Add upcoming Tour Dates RtE Staff  Done
Reorder Tour Dates by Date Bob 1/21/14
Add Content to Pages under About RtE Staff
Add Favicon Bob 1/17/2014
Change Home page from About Bob Done
Schedule check-in meetings – post launch Bob 1/21/2014 Coordinate with RtE team
Create Music Partner Page that shows individual posts on one page.  Bob 1/17/2014
Install SSL on new server at launch Bob/Marc  1/21/14 Marc leaves 1/22.
 Milestones Feb 1, beta testing, formatting complete, Feb 21 – Soft Launch, April 1st Launch.