On June 28, the Bureau of Land Management released the Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (FSEIS) and Proposed Plan Amendment for the Roan Plateau, which appears to call for closing the sensitive area on top of the plateau from future leasing for oil and gas drilling. This was the result of Rock the Earth’s collaboration with several other conservation and sportsmen groups to challenge the 2005 drilling plan for the Roan, ultimately winning that litigation in Federal Court.

As a result of a 2014 historic settlement, BLM canceled most of the oil and gas leases on the top of the Roan Plateau and commenced work on the FSEIS to allow for extremely limited drilling in non-environmentally sensitive areas of the Plateau.


“The Roan Plateau is home to some of Colorado’s last remaining pristine wildlands, rare plants and abundant wildlife,” said Earthjustice Attorney Michael Freeman. “This plan looks to bring us closer to our goal of providing lasting protection for the Roan for generations to come.”


While the release of the FSEIS and proposed plan is not the final decision, it represents an important step toward protecting the Roan Plateau.

A 30-day protest period for the Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement and Proposed Plan began July 1, 2016.

For more background and the latest information on Rock the Earth’s work to protect the Roan Plateau, please see the Roan Plateau Project Page on our website.