Cranking up the heat during the cold winter months can really take a toll on your bank account. If you’re the type to bump up the thermostat instead of bundling in some extra layers, there are other ways to be conscious of saving in the cold.

Save on water this winter by following these very simple green tips you can do at home:

– Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth. Brushing may seem like a fast task, but all that water adds up. By turning off the faucet, in one year you’d save 2,880 gallons of water.

– Buy recycled paper products. Why? These products require way less water during manufacturing. Think of how many rolls of paper towels your family goes through each week. Buying recycled saves 637 gallons of water per year.

– Use a low-flow showerhead. These type of showerheads cut water usage in half, which means you also save the energy that would have otherwise been allocated to heat the water. In one year, you’d save 4,550 gallons of water.

– By “winterizing” your outdoor pipes and spigots, you can avoid having them freeze over and burst, losing lots of water that can cause flooding.

– When faced with a sink full of dishes, opt to use the dishwasher instead of hand washing. Washing by hand uses approximately 4 gallons per minute, while a load in the machine uses approximately 20 gallons total. So, dishes that will require more than five minutes of your time should really be done in the machine.

Stay green this winter by remembering these easy tips. Conserving water is important all the time, but it’s even better when it can save you money during the holiday season!