Thank you for contributing $25 to become a member of Rock the Earth. Please accept this gift as our way of saying thanks. This Howard Krouk poster was created for the September 17, 2006 benefit festival for Rock the Earth. Held in San Francisco’s Jerry Garcia Amphitheatre, the festival featured:

-Rubber Souldiers, including David Gans, Chris Rowan and Lorin Rowan (the Rowan Bros), Robin Sylvester (Ratdog), Barry Sless (Phil Lesh and Friends) and Adam Perry (The Love X Nowhere), with very special guests including David Nelson and Martin Fierro

-Blue Turtle Seduction

-Mark Karan’s Buds, including Pete Sears (Flying Other Brothers), Robin Sylvester (Ratdog), Jimmy Sanchez (Flying Other Brothers), and Jay Lane (Ratdog)

-Zoo Station

-The Trespassers

Only 250 of these posters were printed on Living Tree Paper (100% hemp/flax and recycled content), making them instant collectors items.

With every contribution you receive a Rock the Earth Membership that includes special benefits. Help us build a unified voice for the music community so we can Rock the Earth together!

All Membership Renewals and Additional Membership Donations receive a bonus CD from SCI Fidelity Records!