Thank you for contributing $100 to become a member of Rock the Earth. Please accept this gift as our way of saying thanks: a signed and numbered screened print (limited edition of only 500!) of noted rock poster artist Gary Houston’s “Man As Caretaker”. Gary’s work has been used by bands such as Phil Lesh & Friends, Gov’t Mule, The String Cheese Incident, moe., and many others.

This unique piece (approx. 26″ x 11″) is printed on 25% hemp / 75% post-consumer waste paper.


“The image for this print portrays an ideal, rather than the way things are. The image is a totem pole, with the sun on top, a raven below, standing on a bear, who is holding a salmon. Man is seen at the bottom of the pole, supporting the weight. The sun, with an eagle on its forehead, is looking down and giving a blessing to what is below.

I chose to create this image in a stylized Northwest Coast Indian graphic form for several reasons. The first being that I am very attracted to the forms because of their graphic quality. Also, this design has the ability to build a narrative with semi-stylized, abstract forms and shapes. Finally, the subject has a very spiritual link.

This image was made with all hand-cut films, using one for each color. A master drawing was done, and then each plate, or separation, was cut out on a light table. The paper stock was a dream to print on, and the relationship between the paper and ink works very well.

“It was a great pleasure to be involved in this project, and to do a loose collaboration with the likes of Emek and Jeff Wood.”
–Gary Houston

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