Thank you for donating $100 to become a Rock the Earth member. Please accept this gift as our way of saying thanks: a signed and numbered hand-screened print (limited edition of only 500!) by noted rock poster artist Jim Pollock. Jim’s work has been used most famously by the band Phish.

This unique piece (approx. 26″x11″) is printed on 25% hemp / 75% post-consumer waste paper.

Artist’s Description: “This four-color 500 run print is supposed to harken back to inspirational posters from the seventies (“Hang in there, baby”), but with a darker tone. With half the oil resources of the earth already burned, what will we do with all those barrels we can no longer fill?”

With every contribution you receive a Rock the Earth Membership that includes special benefits. Help us build a unified voice for the music community so we can Rock the Earth together!

All Membership Renewals and Additional Membership Donations receive a bonus CD from SCI Fidelity Records!