Rock the Earth is located in the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado, perhaps the greenest building in Denver. It’s almost impossible to NOT work sustainably here because sustainability is the single most important part of the building and its culture. However, this is not the case for many workplaces. In honor of Earth Month (April) we’ve combed hundreds of lists of sustainable workplace practices with big impacts. Here are ten:

– Go paper free for a day

– Go dark in your office for the day – use only natural lighting

– Provide bus/train passes for your staff

– Recycle mailing tubes and envelopes

– Make every day casual Friday – less suits equals less dry cleaning

– Reduce your font size and your margins – you will save reams of paper

– Literally go green by adding plants that filter the air

– Place trash and recycling receptacles in a common space – people are more conscientious of their consumption if others are watching

– Ban plastic water bottles

– You already do it at home, so switch to electronic banking at work