Rock the Earth uses our newsletter to keep you up to date on trends in sustainable living. This month, we have two more groups we’d like to introduce you to. The first is Clear Intentions. Based in Colorado, with plans to expand well beyond, Clear Intentions is a private company working to help consumers recycle their glass more efficiently. Clear Intentions makes recycling glass materials easier by providing information on public drop-off stations, and glass valet.


The second group is RideSwell, a 501(c)(3) that like Clear Intentions, is also based social enterprise model. The RideSwell project, initially founded to reduce the environmental footprint of outdoor and sports enthusiasts by creating a mechanism to provide ridesharing, has created a innovative app that allows users to accrue points that they can then direct to fund conservation projects. Outdoor corporations buy those points, effectively subsidizing different projects. The app simultaneously connects users with charities working on conservation.