Every student enjoying summer break knows that with September approaching, it’s time to make that annual trip to the store for school supplies. Notebooks, pencils, and backpacks … it all adds up fast, and so does the waste. It’s time to be mindful about the impact of our purchases, especially when the shopping cart is full of new back-to-school products. You can do your part to help out by purchasing everything you need while still being “green.”

– By joining the “Save the Planet – Sustain Your School” program. On The Ultimate Green Store’s website, you can fundraise for your school! 10% of all green product sales will go back to your school.

– Make smart product choices when purchasing supplies. Look for soybean crayons that use renewable resources instead of ordinary wax crayons. “Prang” is a great brand to try!

– If you’re toting lunch around in a brown paper bag or plastic bag, consider instead using a Lunch Skin, SnackTAXI, or Laptop Lunch. All of these options use recycled materials that can be washed and reused countless times and can save tons of waste from going to the landfill. Learn more about all three of these products here.

By following the suggestions above, you’ll know you’re prepared to take on work or the school year while still being conscious of the impact of your choices. Have a wonderfully green year!