Ah, spring! We’ve survived winter and finally we can start to put heavy coats away and open our doors to some sunshine. As warm rains fall, long-buried green vegetation begins to poke up through the ground. Spring is a time of renewal, and as such, it’s the perfect time for some “green” spring-cleaning! Try to find eco-conscious cleaners that do the dirty work for you while keeping harsh impacts low. Here are a few tips to find what you need:

– Look for Earth-friendly products. These products are plant-based (vs. petroleum), safe, and cruelty free. Many green product websites include ingredient disclosures and sustainability reports. For a good list of eco-friendly products see the Environmental Working Group’s website.

– Look online for home remedies to treat stains naturally. There are printable guides that can serve as a quick fix when hung next to the washing machine. Here’s a good one: http://wellnessmama.com/3615/stain-treatment-reference/

– Switch to microfiber cleaning cloths, like E-cloths®.
These need no chemicals; they just need water! The tiny fibers make for a quicker, more efficient cleaning job.

– Make a jar of homemade cleaner using citrus peels and vinegar. Fill a jar with organic lemons or oranges and pour white vinegar over the top. Let it sit for a few days and strain the vinegar to use as a disinfectant.

With these easy-to-use remedies, the house will be clean, and you’ll feel guilt-free. Go on, take a deep breath of that fresh spring air!