You may have heard the buzz about rapidly declining bee populations, a looming environmental threat that could be extremely detrimental. To some folks afraid of a bee’s sharp sting this might sound like good news… unfortunately, it’s not. Do you enjoy coffee? How about avocados, apples, strawberries, cashews and broccoli? If so, then you benefit of the labors of bees because without them, none of these foods, and many others, would be available. Both nationally and internationally, however, colonies are suffering from CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) where worker bees are deserting their hives, leaving behind the queen and nurse bees. The phenomenon is thought to be largely due to pesticide use. You must be a part of helping to save the life of these precious pollinators! Here are some ideas:

– Plant flowers that attract bees in your garden such as wildflowers, sunflowers, lavender and sweet alyssum.
– Buy organic foods and support farmers that grow without harmful pesticides.
– Sign petitions! This one lobbies for a ban on neonicotinoid, a chemical similar to nicotine that can affect an insects central nervous system.
– Learn more by watching the eye-opening documentary “Vanishing of the Bees.”

It’s incredibly important to show support for ecological farming in these ways. By following the simple steps above you will help protect our food, soil, water and climate. Our agriculture and livelihood depend on bees! Please help spread the word, we cannot afford a Plan B – we need a Plan Bee!