Ever think of where the stuff going down your drainpipe ends up? Personal care products that we use daily are often made up of synthetic chemicals, many of which are linked to cancer, infertility and birth defects. According to the Breast Cancer Fund, every day men use an average of 6 products, women use up to 12 products (containing well over 100 chemicals), and teens use even more. Without a thought, many toxic ingredients from personal care products end up in our waterways, ultimately impacting the environment by compromising ecosystems, and contaminating our drinking water.

Here are five eco-friendly beauty and hygiene product lines that can help lessen the impact our daily routines can have on the environment (and ourselves):

– 808Dude is a great line of hygiene products for teenage boys. It has all-natural ingredients that also simultaneously help balance hormones.

– Circle of Life Botanicals perfume line has been ethically and sustainably farmed.

– Planet Kare Organics are made from renewable resources and are compostable.

– AVEDA hair products are an awesome plant-based line and have raised millions of dollars for organizations that affect environmental change.

– Buy in bulk to cut down packaging, and buy toiletry products from brands like Preserve that use recycled materials and offer drop-off and mail-back recycling programs.

Conscious living is less daunting when you realize you don’t have to give up your whole lifestyle to make a positive impact. With these products, your personal care routine can support your health … and the planet’s.