Rock the Earth’s Legal and Technical Initiatives fall roughly into four categories: conservation of natural resources, education about sustainable living practices, advocating for responsible energy policy and, the protection of public lands and waters. Because the goal of most of Rock the Earth’s Legal & Technical projects is to positively influence conservation policy in the United States, projects can often span years, even decades. With a larger window of time, it’s an opportunity to reach a broader audience and deepen the conversation.

Rock the Earth’s Legal & Technical Committee is made up of environmental attorneys and scientists, as well as policy and technical experts. Legal and Technical Initiatives can range from providing public comments, circulating petitions, testifying at public hearings, and when necessary, engaging in litigation on behalf of under represented constituencies

Legal/Technical initiatives come from a variety of sources.  In some cases, issues are brought to us by staff, Board, volunteers or members. In other cases, issues are brought to us by artist or music industry partners.

Rock the Earth’s experts look at the legal and technical merits of an issue and consider the constituency which will be benefit from our efforts.

Rock the Earth is currently focused on campaigns to close Indian Point Nuclear Plant located in Buchanan, NY, halting the Army’s intensified use of the Pinon Canyon Military Maneuver site in southern Colorado , regulation of cruise ship waste and emissions, and advocating for more stringent fracking regulations around the country. Additionally, Rock the Earth continues to participate in the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement process for future management of the Roan Plateau, advocating for the Settlement Alternative, which will result in permanent protection for over 90% of the plateau from drilling for natural gas.