If you use the Rock the Earth logo, we require that you contact us in advance at info@rocktheearth.org and abide to the intent of use requirements described on this page.

Logo downloads:

Banner downloads:

Show your support for Rock the Earth and place our banner on your web site. Just download our banner and link it to https://rocktheearth.org/. Our banners are 120 pixels wide, by 60 pixels high.

Intent of use:

Do not use this logo to disparage Rock the Earth and any of its activities or services, or to disparage any member of Rock the Earth or to promote goods or services which, in the opinion of Rock the Earth, may diminish or otherwise damage goodwill in these logos. This includes, but is not restricted to, uses which could be regarded as obscene, pornographic, or otherwise in poor taste or unlawful, or which may be commonly interpreted to suggest unlawful activities. Do not imitate or modify the appearance of these logos in any of your materials, including advertising, product packaging, and promotional materials. Do not use this logo in any manner which would imply Rock the Earth sponsorship or endorsement of your products, services, or Internet site.

Use of these logos does not imply rocktheearth.org will provide a reciprocal link back to your site. We reserve the right to consider reciprocal links on a case-by-case basis.

Logo link:

Use of the Rock the Earth logo must be enabled as an active link to: https://rocktheearth.org/.


Prominence: Do not use the Rock the Earth logos, or the name “Rock the Earth” more prominently than your company, product, or Web site name.


Use only the logos included on this page. The Rock the Earth logo must stand by itself and must include a minimum amount of empty space surrounding it to separate it from any other object, such as type, photography, borders, edges, etc. None of the logos on this page may be used as a feature or design element of any other logo.


This logo can not be reduced in size beyond what is provided on this page. A minimum distance of 30 pixels of space should surround these logos to avoid unintended associations. Do not remove any trademark symbols or alter the logo in any way. Redraws, distortions, or animation of these logos are not permitted.

Alterations to these guidelines:

Rock the Earth reserves the right to change the appearance of this logo and to change the Usage Guidelines or to terminate your right to use these logos at any time and solely at our discretion. Any use of these logo that is not consistent with the aforementioned guidelines is strictly prohibited.

Cancellation of your authorization to use a logo:

Rock the Earth reserves the right to review your use of a qualifying logo. Disregard for the Logo Usage Guidelines may result in a revocation of your right to use the logo, and with it all benefits enjoyed through participation in this logo program. Third parties improperly using these logos must correct any deficiencies in their use and/or in the quality of the product used in conjunction with these logos upon reasonable notice from Rock the Earth. Refusal to correct such deficiencies may result in revocation of your right to use the logo.

Notification of logo use:

You agree, upon placement of the logo on your active Web site, to notify us via E-mail or postal mail of the exact page URLs where the logo is used. Include your name, phone number, and page URLs.