After complications arose with our previous 2016 tour coordinator, Rock the Earth is thrilled (and we mean thrilled) to announce that Carnel St. Louis has signed on to lead this summer’s national tour.

Carnel is an alumnus of Rutgers University (Environmental Policy, Institutions and Behavior) and is interested in the ways that communication can influence environmental policy. Carnel joins the likes of Steve Vai, Joe Don Rooney and John Mayer as a recipient of the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award (2011). When not on the road for Rock the Earth, Carnel plays percussion for TDSP, Coupe DeVille, and The Above Ground Blues Band.

On Rock the Earth:

“I first heard about Rock the Earth from Robbie Skorge (a Rock the Earth volunteer).  I became a member last November, which is also when I saw the posting for the national tour coordinator.  It really hit home because I liked the idea of the integration of music and the environment. The tour coordinator position was, to me, the best of both worlds: an opportunity to travel the country and  talk to people about environmental issues, and listen to great music.”

On the environment:

“I believe that one of the most pressing environmental issues in the United States is over development and the creation of impervious surfaces (which don’t allow water absorption).  By paving over an increasing amount of land we are creating more frequent and damaging floods and storms, as well as increasing the concentration of pesticides, herbicides and other pollutants that find their way into our groundwater supplies.”

On music:

“When I play, it is another form of talking for me.  Music helps me with everything.  It helps calm me down, it helps me focus.  It’s my natural drug.  Some of my favorite musicians would have to be – this is a tough one – Let’s start with people inspire me most, that would be Cream, and The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Now I listen to electro dance funk fusion bands like LOTUS, Papadosio, and Dopapod.”

On summer tour:

“I’m expecting to have fun in enjoying what I’m doing, work really hard, and enlighten people to what is going on in their environment.  To open people’s eyes and get them to care just a little bit more is all I can really ask for.  That, and no close encounters with rattlesnakes.   I do not like snakes.”