Rock the Earth: Education & Outreach Tour Coordinator

Rock the Earth (RtE) is a national nonprofit environmental organization. Headquartered in Denver, Rock the Earth leverages partnerships with the music industry to protect some of America’s most precious natural resources.  Over the course of a decade, Rock the Earth has advocated on three dozen issues including the preservation of natural habitat within national public lands; protecting endangered species; defending watersheds, viewsheds and natural soundscapes; preserving wetland areas from drilling and development; protecting land and water resources from toxins and preventing destructive natural resource extraction.

RtE seeks motivated applicants with a sincere interest in furthering environmental causes, community building, and a willingness to work hard to achieve those goals. RtE is growing and developing its membership and volunteer database through education and outreach at concert events and festivals throughout North America. During the peak touring months of May through November, RtE embarks on a six-month tour. During this time, the Education & Outreach (E&O) Tour Coordinator works with the Executive Director, Outreach Intern teams, national and regional volunteer staff, as well as local volunteers to operate E&O booths on behalf of Rock the Earth at a variety of music events. RtE seeks a well-organized, self-motivated, assertive, knowledgeable, responsible, reliable and enthusiastic E&O Tour Coordinator to travel extensively, work concerts and festivals, organize interns and volunteers and represent Rock the Earth in a professional manner at all times throughout the United States. The energy, passion, motivation and proactive response of the Tour Coordinator and the Outreach Intern teams are essential elements of RtE’s success and the quality of contribution is extremely important.

Job Description:

The Education & Outreach Tour Coordinator is directly responsible for the management of RtE E&O activities, including: recruitment, supervision and training of interns and volunteers, logistics and travel planning, team coordination and strategic execution, assurance of safe cross-country travel, professional representation of RtE and the assurance of proper accountability for all financial transactions and timely reporting of all activities. About 85% of the time during the 6-month period will be on the road. The remaining 15% of the position can be addressed remotely.

The E&O Tour Coordinator is a contracted position with a monthly stipend between $750-$1,300/month. In addition, all travel expenses will be paid by the organization. Travel will be via Rock the Earth supplied vehicle. Accommodations during travel will be a combination of hotels, campsites and pre-arranged private residences.

Tour Coordinator Responsibilities:

– Coordination and planning of teams to work pre-arranged concert and festival dates in cooperation with and under the direction of the Executive Director, Program Director, and National Volunteer Coordinator with the goal of enabling the organization to maintain a consistent schedule of appearances at major concert and festival events throughout the country. Work with band and venue personnel to coordinate logistics and to maximize the success of outreach tour activities.

– Public outreach to music fans, artists, industry and venue representatives via tabling and other activities at concerts and festivals, including: high-volume personal interaction, educating & activating the public about environmental issues, soliciting memberships and donations, networking with potential music partners and environmental organizations.

– Maintenance, distribution, and inventory control of outreach materials including canopies, tabling equipment and displays, promotional literature, gift merchandise and PR materials. Oversee complete routine inventory reports and restock road kits contents to ensure stock levels are adequate based on projected and historic usage. Proactive supply chain management skills are required to project immediate requirements and track usage in order to submit timely reorders and ensure restock timeline requirements.

– Secure and reliable handling of all cash, check and credit card transactions while maintaining strict confidentiality of membership contributions, submit money orders for cash receipts on a regular basis, and ensure strict security of financial assets at all times.

– Maintain travel expense documentation and tracking and ensure that all team expenses and incidentals are within a defined budget.

– Train Volunteer Outreach Interns and regional volunteers. Keep teams informed and up-to-date via periodic briefings and updates on key environmental projects and organizational PR activities undertaken during the tour.Provide leadership and be willing to deliver in an expert go-to role, especially during tabling activities when the need arises to address detailed questions from prospective members about the organization and the environmental projects in which we are actively engaged.

– Ability to speak publicly, deliver public service announcements about the organization, and interact with press, tour personnel, and talent and represent RtE in a professional manner at all times.

– Daily social media updates via Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. Monthly article, “Tales from the Road” in RtE’s newsletter. Provide reliable activity updates on a daily basis to the Executive Director or Education & Outreach Committee.

– Oversee preparation of daily reporting to proactively track all new member and volunteer information to ensure accurate and reliable membership database input and to help facilitate membership follow-up activities.

– Coordinate all logistical requirements for touring teams including: overnight accommodations, driving responsibilities, routine vehicle maintenance, upkeep and security, while ensuring safe, lawful vehicle operation at all times.

Applicant Requirements:

Excellent leadership skills; ability to mentor and motivate teams of interns and volunteers to perform their duties throughout demanding schedules, personal morale issues, and a diverse range of unpredictable logistical circumstances.

Excellent communication skills; well-spoken and able to speak comfortably to a wide audience about environmental issues, as well as about how RtE partners with the music community and environmental partners.

Excellent organizational skills; resourceful, flexible, self-motivated, reliable and responsible.

Passion for expanding and sharing knowledge about environmental projects; ability to express that knowledge in a way that addresses both the complexities of the projects yet conveys a simplified understanding that a non-expert can relate to easily. Must enjoy engaging and interacting with people.

Ability to perform physically demanding work and work extended hours. Must be healthy and able to stand and sit for long periods of time. While breaks are provided, this is not a 9-to-5 job. Festivals tend to run morning to late night.

– Must be able to lift at least 50 pounds.

– Open to a diverse array of musical genres.

Preference for recent graduates with backgrounds in environmental science or law. Operational experience within the music and/or non-profit industry is a plus.

Comfortable with communications technology and proficient in MS Word and Excel. Must be able to perform daily database input, process credit cards and provide management and office manager with daily activity reports.

Valid Driver’s License, Automobile Insurance Policy and clean driving record.

Job Benefits:

– Excellent opportunities to receive training and job experience in public outreach and education, nonprofit management, volunteer coordination & training, event planning, membership solicitation, travel logistics, and database tracking.

– Extensive opportunities for networking within the music and non-profit communities, including direct interactions with music professionals at both the artist management and venue management level.

– Working access to concerts and festivals, including breaks during slow periods to enjoy the music scene. Work space will include top music festivals and leading concert tours (tbd).

– Tangible opportunities to participate in public relations and artist outreach activities.

– Expenses to cover costs of travel, food, and accommodations.

– Travel throughout the continental United States, environmental discourse with a diverse audience of music fans, and exposure to a variety of music acts of multiple genres.

– Help a small, grassroots organization that benefits diverse communities to grow within an exciting cultural atmosphere.

Projected Contractor Wage:

$750-$1,300/month + expenses

Timeframe for Position:

The Outreach Tour Coordinator role is a six-month contract position that includes advance training and opportunities for field-level experience working at the regional level beginning at least four weeks prior to the beginning of the Outreach Intern touring schedule (approximately April 15, 2016).

The 2016 Outreach Internship schedule is spread over four separate segments to allow different intern teams to be rotated on and off the tour:

May 20 – June 30

July 1 – August 15

August 15 – Sept. 30

Oct. 1 – November 15

To Apply:

Please send a cover letter, resume, three references, and essay (no more than 500 words) as to why you would like to be the Outreach Tour Coordinator for Rock the Earth:

By email: Paige Heydon –