Protecting Our Air, Water & Land From Fracking

Initiative: Protecting Air, Water & Land from Fracking Since the summer of 2010, Rock the Earth has monitored and reported on the serious environmental concerns raised by hydraulic fracturing (fracking). Hydraulic fracturing is the industrial process of extracting natural gas by fracturing deep shale beds and injecting them with enormous [...]

Protecting Wilderness from Drilling

Initiative: Protecting Wilderness from Drilling The Roan Plateau, northwest of Rifle, CO, rises 3,500 feet above the Colorado River Valley. The plateau is an undeveloped island of public land amid a quickly growing complex of natural gas fields. Well pads, drill rigs, roads, pipelines, waste pits and other infrastructure already [...]

Protecting Native Resources in Hawaii

With support of musical artist Jack Johnson, Rock the Earth is working with local conservation groups to protect an important marine ecosystem off the coast of the Northwest Hawaiian Islands. The NW HI Islands ecosystem contains over...