Just over a month ago, RtE learned of an international fellowship program seeking to place leaders for positive change in developing nations in U.S. nonprofits. By chance, we came across a young man from Sierra Leone, a trained minister and an ardent environmentalist who, with his older brother (Phillip), founded Full Circle Africa (FCA). Contact and conversations happened pretty fast and in less than two weeks, RtE was picking Pete up at the Denver International Airport. Pete will be a part of RtE’s staff through early December2016 and we are sure that both RtE and Pete will benefit greatly from our time together. We look forward to Pete sharing his experience, wisdom, and levity; Oh, and there is an additional benefit that we can look forward to …. hearing Pete sing at one or more of our concerts in the coming months! Please be sure to extend your personal welcome by saying, “Hi Pete” when you see him.