Defense of Colorado’s Roan Plateau continues to be one of Rock the Earth’s flagship issues. Despite winning our federal court lawsuit in 2012 opposing a massive drilling plan for Colorado’s Roan Plateau, the battle is far from over. As a result of that winning lawsuit, a historic settlement between all of the parties was worked out in 2014 with Bureau of Land Management (BLM) allowing for limited drilling on adjacent and near-by lands, yet will protect the wilderness-quality lands that comprise 55,000 leased acres.

Since then, our attorneys from Earthjustice have been hard at work filing comments to the BLM while we await a draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) that will outline the standards and conditions of these limited drilling activities. We continue to anticipate the draft SEIS will be released later this fall.Roan Large 3

Meanwhile, YOU can help make a difference! If you’re at any event where Rock the Earth is, you can sign a postcard to BLM asking that in their SEIS process, they consider a plan that continues to protect the Roan’s majestic wilderness qualities, endangered and threatened species, and some of the most pristine hunting and angling areas that Colorado has to offer. In addition, you can sign our online petition and help us spread the word through your social media contacts to help us #SaveTheRoan! The more pressure that we can apply to BLM to create a balanced plan that protects this outstanding Colorado gem, the better! You, too, can help us Rock the Earth and #SaveTheRoan!