Volunteer Jam provides an outlet to thank non-staff volunteers and supporters who have rocked it big time during the past month, and who have gone above and beyond in generous support of the Rock the Earth cause. We want to sincerely thank each of you for giving so generously of your time, and applaud you for your contributions:

Abby Simon, Adrienne Garza, Amy Whippman, Axel Tomac, Brendan Knoing, Dan Falco, Dan Falco, David Malavenda, David Siegel, Erin Smith-Cordova, Ian Knoop, James Enthoven, Jeff Morrow, Joe Fitsgerald, Joe Fitzgerald, Jordyn Walker, Kevin O’Donohue, Laura Beard, Lorena Rovero, Maggie Brownson, Matt Duggan, Melissa Kaminski, Shannon Keib, Victoria Accardi, Zac Lewis, Lisa Shara, Kyle Loving, and James Eichner.

Volunteer Highlight: Shannon KeibIMG_2074

Name: Shannon Keib

Age: 25

City: Syracuse, NY & Baltimore, MD

Volunteer since: Summer 2015 (Intern)

– How did you first hear about Rock the Earth?

I first heard about RtE at a moe. show at the Best Buy Theater in NYC. I was visiting one of my best friends for spring break and thought it was an incredible opportunity. I am a graduate student at SUNY ESF and was looking for an internship for summer 2015. When I learned about Rock the Earth, I knew it was how I wanted to spend my summer.

– What has been your most memorable moment with Rock the Earth?
At this point in the summer it is difficult to pick a most memorable experience – there have been so many! Meeting Michael Franti at The Filmore Silver Spring has to top the list though. As an intern, I am always trying my best to find opportunities to help out Rock the Earth as much as I can. Since Michael Franti sits on our advisory board, I know that is part of the reason it worked out so well, but in figuring out a way to meet him and also get his signature for our auctions, I felt like I was really making the most out of what Rock the Earth has offered me as an intern.

– What do you do when you are not volunteering with Rock the Earth?
I moved to Baltimore for my internship with Rock the Earth. I wanted to come here because my best friend from third grade lives here; it worked out perfectly. I got a waitressing job in Baltimore for the summer, and when I am not working shows with Rock the Earth I am focusing on other venues to expand RtE’s presence here (I am an intern after all). But if you mean outside of Rock the Earth altogether, I am just trying to have fun with my best friend for the summer!

– What is the best concert you’ve ever been to?
I saw EOTO in Knoxville, TN in 2008. It was kind of life changer for me. It made me love a whole new type of live music. When I was in college I saw Further at All Good when it was at Marvin’s Mountaintop. That made me really start appreciating the Dead on a whole new level. I am also a huge Beatles fan, so whenever I hear a cover of them I freak out. The first time I saw Phish was on a three-day run in Bethel, NY. It ended with a cover of “A Day in a Life.” That was epic for me.

– What environmental issue is most important to you in 2015?
Fracking. I realize there might be a way to use it in a more sustainable way, but as of now, I see people being manipulated by big business. People really don’t understand the full repercussions of fracking on their local waterways and the amount of fresh water it requires. It is a waste and needs to be regulated much more.

– Since you’re living in the Capital region for the summer, what’s your favorite touristy thing to do?
I really enjoy walking by the water at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. I’ve been there several times with friends and bring visitors there when they come into town (i.e., the travel team and my mom!). It is really beautiful and has made me fall in love with Baltimore.